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How it works

Let’s discover a novel way to cook, shop, and relish your food with Reciplash. 

How does it work

High quality carefully sources ingredients
1. We create original recipes

We design original and unique recipes for variety of local and exotic cuisines

Reciplash source local and exotic ingredients
2. You choose your meal

Choose your meals from a range of veg and non-veg options perfect for your dietary preferences

Reciplash Meal Kit
3. We deliver complete fresh ingredients

Everything to cook your selected recipe will be delivered to your door fresh

Chicken Manchurian Meal Kit
4. You have fun turning into a chef

You enjoy being a chef regardless of your skill level

Our Vision

We want to make cooking at home Fun & Tasty

Pioneering dedicated recipe & ingredients meal-kits service in Pakistan, Reciplash is on a mission to simplify the entire process of cooking at home – from meal planning, shopping to cooking. Over purchasing, buying wrong ingredients, and spending excessive time finding the right materials are often the limiting factors in crafting a delicious meal at home. We provides a convenient solution by delivering fresh ingredients in just the right quantities along with carefully designed recipes by professional chefs to provide you restaurant-style taste right at the comfort of your couch!

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New Meal Kits



We keep experimenting with new ingredients, herbs, and recipes to create signature Reciplash taste! We do it very carefully keeping your health and preferences in mind and actively release new Meal Kits based on your feedback. You are welcomed to submit your requests for any custom Meal Kits.  

Find an Answer

Yes – Our Recipe boxes have them ALL the ingredients to make a complete meal. From spices, oil, meat, veggies to everything else that is needed and only what is needed (precise quantities!).

No. Our recipe boxes contain only the un-cooked food so that you have full fun cook’in (that’s the whole point, right?). 

Our recipe cards are super simple. We made a deliberate effort to make sure all the steps mentioned in a recipe card are very easy and clear to follow. We leave nothing to guessing and provide all the necessary directions, standards and tips etc.  Hence, the chances of going wrong are really very less. 

Yes – we only supply HALAL, carefully sourced, fresh and hygienic food materials. 

No problem at all! We will provide you with a Mini-Recipe Box of same meal to try again. Free of cost! At Reciplash our vision is to make cooking at home fun and worry-free and we really live up to it.

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Reciplash Provides complete and precise ingredients

Reciplash was started by two foodies during the COVID-19 pandemic when faced similar problems in two different regions, related to enjoying tasty food at their favorite places (ah, lockdown).

And when resorted to cooking at home, they found it’s not that simple (or tasty!). Primarily, because whenever you plan to enjoy some cooking-time at home, you end up spending too much effort in finding the right recipe to your taste, spending excessive time shopping ingredients, buying significantly more quantities than what is needed or buying wrong ingredients at all. And it’s no longer fun! Reciplash was the simple answer to all such problems. We aspire to provide you with fun ‘cooking moments’ at home with no hassle.

Happy Creating…

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