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Calorie Information
Understanding calories is crucial for kitchen workers. Calories represent the energy in food. It's important to balance calorie intake with energy needs, influenced by factors like age and activity level. Knowing the calorie content of ingredients helps make informed choices. Prioritizing nutrient-rich foods and portion control supports overall health. With this awareness, kitchen workers can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Tables below describe the approximate calorie information for common food items used in the kitchen which will help you make informed choices while preparing and serving food.

Apple1 medium95
Banana1 medium105
Orange1 medium62
Strawberry1 cup4
Grapes1 cup62
Pineapple1 cup82
Watermelon1 cup46
Broccoli1 cup55
Carrot1 medium25
Tomato1 medium22
Spinach1 cup7
Bell Pepper (red)1 medium31
Onion1 medium44
Cucumber1 cup8
Rice (cooked)1 cup205
Bread (whole wheat)1 slice80
Pasta (cooked)1 cup200
Oats (cooked)1 cup150
Quinoa (cooked)1 cup222
Barley (cooked)1 cup193
Corn (cooked)1 cup123
Chocolate (dark)1 oz170
Honey1 tbsp64
Ice Cream (vanilla)1/2 cup137
Cake (chocolate, frosted)1 slice235
Cookies (chocolate chip)1 cookie53
Brownie1 piece132
Doughnut1 glazed195
Olive Oil1 tbsp120
Butter1 tbsp102
Avocado1/2 fruit160
Almonds1 oz160
Peanut Butter1 tbsp94
Coconut Oil1 tbsp121
Flaxseed Oil1 tbsp120
Chicken Breast (grilled)3 oz165
Salmon (grilled)3 oz185
Tofu (firm, cooked)3 oz88
Lentils (cooked)1 cup230
Beef (lean, cooked)3 oz180
Shrimp (cooked)3 oz84
Turkey Breast (roasted)3 oz135
Milk (whole)1 cup150
Yogurt (plain, low-fat)1 cup100
Cheese (cheddar)1 oz113
Egg (large, boiled)1 large78
Cottage Cheese1/2 cup120
Greek Yogurt (plain, low-fat)1 cup100
Mozzarella Cheese1 oz85

The information includes the quantity typically consumed for each food item, along with the corresponding calories per serving

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