Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy is truly build upon your convenience!

Please fined below some possible (but very rare!) scenarios:

You don’t like or are not satisfied with Reciplash meal box’s contents:

In this case you can reach out to us at +92-34-34-34-34-84, share your concerns and request a refund. It varies from 50% at minimum and up to a 100% refund. 

You don’t like the taste of the food prepared by a Reciplash meal boxes:

You can reach out to us anytime at +92-34-34-34-34-84, share your preferences and we can arrange for an alternate meal box more aligned with your taste palate! 

The contents of a Reciplash meal box are incomplete or damaged:
Though this is nearly impossible but if you come across this unfortunate and rare possibility, you can claim 100% refund or free exchange with a new box. Up to you! 

Please reach out to us at +92-34-34-34-34-84.
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