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Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy is truly build upon your convenience!

Please fined below some (least possible) scenarios:

You don’t like or are not satisfied with Reciplash Meal Kit’s contents:

In this case you can reach out to us at +92-34-34-34-34-84, share your concerns and request a refund. It varies from 20% at minimum and up to a 100% refund. 

You don’t like the taste of the food prepared with a Reciplash Meal Kits:

You can reach out to us anytime at +92-34-34-34-34-84, share your preferences and we can try to arrange for an alternate meal kit more aligned with your taste palate! (Terms & Conditions apply)

The contents of a Reciplash Meal Kit are incomplete or damaged:

Though this is nearly impossible (due to strict and controlled procedures we use to ensure high quality and completeness of all our Meal Kits) but if you come across this unfortunate and rare possibility, you can claim refund or free exchange with a new kit. Up to you!

Please reach out to us at +92-34-34-34-34-84

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